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HOLO SHOE RELEASE - June 14th - Boise, ID

I Love This Life founder Luc Swensson has released his new shoe line called HOLO (Hope&Love).

I Love This Life founder Luc Swensson has created an inspiring shoe line called HOLO (Hope & Love).  Each shoe is branded with a positive message.  Hand crafted in Italy, these shoes complete the story of being bullied and rising above it to create change.

About Us

Luc Swensson - Founder | Director

I Love This Life was founded by 14 year old Luc Swensson with the belief that all children should have the hope to dream big. Being the product of a broken home,  Luc knows first hand the struggles that kids experience.  His  mission is to help kids see a better way.  He has worked tirelessly to raise money for pediatric cancer and makes a point to visit a Children's Hospital in every city he visits.  The I Love This Life Foundation is a 501(c)3 non profit. 

Making a Difference

The mission for I Love This Life is to show children from every walk of life that there is way to achieve your dreams no matter your situation.   With a focus on pediatric cancer, anti-bullying and teen suicide, Luc has become an advocate for a better way of life.  In December of 2017, he launched his #musicmatters project.  The mission to bring music to underprivileged youth was received with great support.  MP3 players with a pre-recorded message and a few of Luc's favorite songs were delivered to children in and around downtown Los Angeles.  In an effort to bring kids together and build better communities, he launched #projectHOPE.  Each event consists of a number of positive messages, community role models and a large public art display.  Luc is currently travelling the country in support of his recently published journal titled 'Create Your Great'.  For speaking engagments and classroom sponsorships please call 406.750.0642


I Love This Life was inspired by a song.  Four simple words from a song title by Luc's favorite band, LoCash.  Band members Chris Lucas and Preston Brust have been amazing role models and continue to give Luc the drive and inspiration to be the best he can be.  

Create Your Great


52 week Interactive Journal

Create Your Great was designed to get kids thinking about all the great things that are happening in their lives.  There are areas to reflect on each week, discuss their inspiration and release their creativity.

Positive Messages

I Love This Life will share the most positive messages each week.

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